Smoked Seafood : An Overview

Smoked fish is somewhat of an exotic treat nowadays.

You would like to become addicted to a new favorite dinner! Everybody has their own special and preferred smoking method, but most adhere to some common principles:

  • The fish is treated with salt – either concentrated brine or a surface coating of dry salt.
  • The salt’s antibacterial properties, added to the fact that there is less moisture for bacteria to survive in, make the smoked fish safer to eat without refrigeration.
  • A second cure is done, both to draw more moisture out and to add different flavors. Sugar, spices, herbs, rum and whiskey are all popular curing agents
  • The fish is hung to air dry in a cool breezy spot (which is as likely today to be inside as outside).
  • The coating helps seal in moisture, prevent fast rising to the surface and spoiling, and also helps the smoke flavor adhere to the fish
  • The fish is either hot smoked (where it is also cooked) or cold-smoked.


    Best fish for smoking

    Usually big deep water fish are the ones that are smoked. The following are all popular:

    • Salmon
    • Tuna
    • Trout
    • Sablefish
    • Sturgeon
    • Bluefish

    Purchasing Tip:
    Now you can buy all type of raw fish products with quality assurance


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